Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enclosures - continuing

Looking back to where I left off documenting the last project of the year 'enclosures' where I was thinking about frames and placement of form within space and drawing.

On revisiting a series of photos from the previous project 'la jetee' I noticed a link between the two projects, where 'la jetee' left off and where 'enclosures' was moving towards; light, frames and the sense of looking beyond, using photography to create/capture optical illusion.

As we had recently done a plaster induction at college I also began to think about enclosures, not only as form within frames or shapes within shapes in a two dimensional sense but also as three dimensional shapes within larger three dimensional shapes; cubes within cubes or cubes within spheres. Whilst I began to imagine using clear resin and plaster to execute these enclosed areas within other enclosed areas I experimented with paper cut out from my sketch book. Here the photographs start to suggest abstract paintings.

I became interested in the negative spaces left behind from the cube templates cut out of my sketch book and layered on top of each other. They reminded me of Eduardo Chillida's paper works and some of the graphics work we had done earlier in the year looking at the placement of black squares within a frame to illustrate certain words or states of being e.g. isolated, ordered etc.

here sketchbook pages where re-photographed against a natural light source and digitally manipulated. I like how something as simple as layers of paper can create a whole new abstract reality whereby photography becomes a method of an creating illusion of new depth and shifting planes.