Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Squash' - student curated show 13.12.2011

occupy: breath, brick 2011
(clay, breath, ballon, brick)

new work

experimenting with two part moulds and slip casting. Thinking around the themes of chance and order, occupation and impermanence. Heart like vessels, collapsed lungs and vulnerable open mouths. Working towards group show, end of term.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Alexandra Bircken @ Studio Voltaire

installation detail of Abyss
74 mirrors, 2011

Birch Field
Birch wood, cloth, mortar, pigment, screws, 2011

installation detail of Abyss and Uknit S.V.
Steel, magnets, 2001

photographs by Mauri Sherrington

Friday, November 18, 2011


Chance occurrence catching the eye and landscapes, lesions and songlines unfold. The casual and inconsequent becomes vast and monumental. 


continuing to think about different ways of drawing (as per sketchbook project), using the three dimensional object within the drawing, which seems to create a new relationship between the subject/object and the practice. a true capture, but is something lost without the slow contemplation and meditation on form? almost against the will of the drawn, it could seem like a violation of the represented, what a camera snap shot might be in quality to the careful and purposeful picture.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


object as metaphor - continuing

continuing to investigate potential of intervention and assemblage to communicate metaphoric valency of objects, using personally associative signifiers and considering the effects of vertical/horizontal placement.

the shadows cast on the wall are sometimes gestural and sometimes architectural. I see a power station and start to think about the metaphoric potential of shadows, of fixing them directly onto the wall and then removing the original objects.

object as metaphor - beginning

slides, tape, bandage, tights, wood, cow skin

slides wrapped in tape and bandages, concealing what is held between the small glass frame. obscuring light, preventing projection, no air or interaction here. An upturned table base. Horizontal now vertical and space within the frame, containment attempted by stretch and tension. Exploring potential of objects to describe physical or psychological terrain.