Tuesday, June 21, 2011

changing states

a video piece that forms part of the London Graphic Centre group exhibition, Shop Art 2011.


Continuing to look at themes around the nature of mind, repetition and continuous movement in thought generation, ideas of solidity vs disillusion. Starting to think about how motion can be contrasted with a timeless stillness and how the layers of city life can be infused or slowed down my nature. These self portraits below start to address some of those concerns and have been incorporated into a version of the changing states video. The experimentation with using these stills with video footage was done with the idea to counter the forward motion and repetition of the edited film footage.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

prime sight

a billboard I cycle past on the way to work. for some time it has been 'vacant'. a rare sight, this panel of block colour, a meditative reprieve. I imagine whole tube stations with rectangles of pale blue quietly providing frames within which to be present. a whole city with spaces designated to emptiness where on the streets you cannot always see the sky.

I recently visited the Slade undergraduate show and got talking with the artist Eleanor Wright whose work I really connected with both through direct experience and conversation. It seemed that we both had an interest in billboards. From what I understood her work was about drawing attention to the space and the architecture of the building within which she was exhibiting, sometimes also enhancing the environment with colour or providing a reference point from which to observe and appreciate the natural phenomenon of light or the passage of time,creating reflective and symbiotic relationships with the space. Her 2D prints pasted to the wall and the floor, following the buildings contours and working around it's architectural features also changed my perception of what sculpture is or can be. Here it seemed two dimensional work became three dimensional because of the way it was interacting with the space around it, sign posting an existent spacial reality and thereby affecting and enhancing my appreciation of the space and the present moment. Really powerful, unassuming and inspirational work.
Eleanor JG Wright