Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Bill Viola and the making of Emergence - part 2

Bill Viola and the making of Emergence - part 1

I saw Bill Viola's The Passions exhibition at The National Gallery around the millennium and it has stayed with me since. It seems like the right time to revisit.

moving paintings, moving photographs, slow moving image, slowing down to see.
to see water spilling, fabric flowing and waves of emotion expanded.

the element of water seems to be a recurring theme, he spoke of it's visceral quality in 'ocean without a shore' and the fragility of life.

excavating the depth within people and our 'human condition',
a knowing that occurs before words, before language and verbalisation.

age old images and forms that are universal and not particular to any one tradition like some kind of personal memory from birth.

he spoke of letting an image sink in, waiting to see what arises rather than trying to re-enact something specific.

Tarkovsky - Stalker

they lay in flooded fields to sleep,
and all of civilisation washed away.

curled into puddles, an unusual and chilling resting place.
ecstasy of earth laid back in long grasses.
an elemental study of water, gushing, dripping, still.

a Zone without people, reclaimed by nature and emanating some kind of strange power to those few that enter.
reverence and caution for the laws of sacred place and ruin.

A slow and beautiful warning.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guy Tillim

Recently taken by a series of Guy Tillim's photographs in the V&A exhibition, Figures and Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography.

Form, but a preference for the space in between. dirt, earth and how we are tied to it and other beings through tension, threads and leads. A moving apart and joining, motion and a sense of relationship.

I researched some of his previous projects and was interested by his Avenue Patrice Lumumba series. Urban and 'concrete' utopias in a state of transformation and decay.

I think of an article I read about Detroit and my interest in this city's desertion and reclamation. In how humans inhabit and utilise urban space.In entropy, the natural law that all things fall apart.