Monday, January 30, 2017

somewhere becoming rain

Pathological -  a dirty word? I settled for neurosis. 

A bumble bee drawn in by the purple hyacinths was throwing itself against the glass in the atrium. I opened the outside door once he had opened the inside (a ritual I always perform), and waited for it to fly away. He smiled. I pointed to the flowers and walked in. They were not in full bloom the last time I was here. 

Japan. Whitsun Weddings. Anonymity. Excavation. Passivity underrated. Those small instruments and careful scrapings revealing the ruins and artefacts embedded in, and available to, present and momentary perception if you pay attention. 

'somewhere becoming rain'  

And I remembered 'tomorrow it will rain over Bouville' - a symbol of transmutation and the future? Because it relates to normalising, to making people who don't fit aberrant, to discrimination and worse, I'm guessing.